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News from Moscow by Анастасия Галахова


Moscow – Helicopters and large groups of people of OMON in the center of Moscow. On March 26 there has taken place the Organized meeting of Alexey Navalny against corruption. The reason of a procession became the movie investigation which has Appeared recently “He to you not Dimon”. It is very dangerous to be here as explosion threats arrived.

But externally everything looks very quietly. The meeting is organized as usual walk since the subway Belarusskaya and finishing with the Tverskaya, subsequently has captured all downtown where there is the greatest number of people.

People waited only for response to charges of corruption. But he hasn’t followed. Here different slogans have been put forward: “We demand answers”, “you yourself “hang on”, “Laws for all”, “corruption steals the future”, “there is no money, but you hang on”, “sell dachas, build roads.” The Red Square has been closed, some underground stations are blocked. On unauthorized the procession has been arrested one thousand people. For this year it is the most mass action.

Of course in Russia spend many meetings, and patience of the people can be exhausted. Actions have taken place also on many large cities of the country. As well as always the people hope for changes in the power taking active living position. It is the only chance to change a situation.

The meeting wasn’t very long as Navalny was detained practically at once. Not on one of TV channels of the country events of this day haven’t been shown. It is interesting to note that Dmitry Anatolyevich went skiing at this time. It he has mentioned in the Instagram.

Whether to wait people of the answer from the power it is unknown, but we understand that Medvedev won’t be a candidate at an election of the president of the Russian Federation in 2018 precisely.

Анастасия Галахова

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