Renovation or disaster


Moscow – In the real estate market in Moscow there are changes.
Many houses of old construction are planned to be demolished. On their place to construct new.

The ambitious project plan to turn the capital into one of the leading cities of the world. Have attracted the British and Swiss architectural company to these purposes. The Russian authorities state on vote according to the program of renovation 71% of owners of apartments participated. From them more than 90% have voted for demolition of “worst housing”. However the program of renovation has caused a protest of city residents. On June 12 there has taken place the meeting on the Sakharov Avenue. Which was combined with a meeting against corruption. About 20000 people participated in him.

Residents of the capital claim that the new project violates many articles of the constitution, including the right for a private property, judicial protection and inviolability of the dwelling. It provides for removal of all construction codes, ecological regulations for developers, he forced eviction, demolition of any building and even the whole block according to the decision of the Moscow officials. Initially the action of displacement has been aimed at the run-down housing. Upon barracks haven’t been entered in preliminary lists, but have entered lists strong brick houses, houses of Stalin construction, and even pre-revolutionary houses.

The opinion of people and the authorities was shared, but the bill is already adopted. Many oppose the Mayor of Moscow Sobyanin. Still the fact that because of the new project the number of stoppers will increase is the reason of discontent. As type of higher construction is planned. Still early to judge advantage of such law, for the present nobody was settled. Only disputes are conducted and the resolution on cancellation of the law sent to the mayor of Moscow, the State Duma, Presidential Administration.

Anastasia Galakhova

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