High gain in Russia

Fall period – A good time for various type of investments.


Moscow – What opportunities are in Russia for investments? What is more favorable compared to other countries?

Non residents in the country can open deposits in the Russian banks where the annual interest rate of accumulation reaches 10,5% (but over 9% of a contribution in currency are assessed with a tax). It is a reliable income for those who wants to keep and increase the money without risk. Higher is the sum, higher is the interest. But it is necessary to make the investments in well proved bank.

Investments in the real estate are also very popular. For an example even more often foreign citizens buy countryside and commercial real estate. The reason is due to lower prices on housing and not such high taxes. The most popular transaction is to buy a flat at the construction stage and then to effectively sell when the price strongly rise up.

There is a huge number of offers in the market among the “economy” class housing and the “premium” class. One-room apartments are particularly in demand. And as long-term investment leasing the room under shop, beauty shop, etc. Even more often investors buy the land plots as the land grows in the price every year. Low costs for the possession of the land and also for the possession of natural resources are help to attract foreign investments. In autumn the price falls considerably and much better visible the soil. The land plots can be bought for the subsequent sale or construction of houses, summer homes, or for industrial and business buildings.

Also in Russia are opening up many promising startups. It is worth to consider investing money also in IT, innovation, and in the aerospace sector.

Here people are much more mobile, opening hours in the stores, shopping centers, drugstores are longer than in Europe and the USA. Here a lot of round-the-clock shops and delivery of food. More opportunities to buy something in the day off or late at night without leaving your home.

Thanks to it the market can grow, develop with help of various goods and perspective projects.

In Russia the people are very rallied and easily make contact. Also there are some less developed areas which could bring success in the future, such as, for example, the sphere of tourism. It is currently one of the most profitable spheres. In 2018 in Russia will take place the FIFA World Cup. Infrastructures will be improved attracting many guests and investors to the country.

Anastasia Galakhova