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Moscow – What education to choose for yourself?

More often foreigners choose the Russian higher education institutions. Education in the Russian Federation is considered qualitative and inexpensive. This has been confirmed by both residents of the country and foreigners. Many people entrust the children to the Russian educational institutions and the satisfaction is high.

Many young people seek to gain knowledge in the capital. Moscow is promoting its skilled teachers and an efficient technique that helps to develop and become a skilled expert in the chosen sphere. Students get also quickly used to the location because of the friendly atmosphere.

In the biggest country of the world there are many different cultures and different nationalities. Kind and hospitable local students are supporting foreigners in everything and proud to show the beauty of the country.

Russian education is second to none western. Of course the largest barrier to foreigners is the Russian language, but this can be overcome.

One of the strongest University are considered MSU and St.Petersburg State University.

Russia is one of the most educated countries in the world. Many higher education institutions have programs on English. Here it is possible to gain the double diploma of the European level. Students are much more free, have creativity and they can realize their full potential. It is easy here to get custom experience together with education, there are extramural studies. Unlike the English system where it is extremely difficult to get experience together with education. And employers look for skilled experts. Students may learn with a large cultural choice, visit a lot of theatres, museums, entertainments. Here they will get foreign experience, interesting communication.

For students it is a country with free views, and people perfectly understand each other. The population is brought up on the Russian classical literature, broad gestures and open heart are peculiar to them. Here it is possible to feel more safely, than in Europe. Myths about bears, walking on streets, and an eternal frost will disappear. The main achievement of the Russian education system is the development of the economic relations and the social formation of society. All this favour the training and the formation of the personality.

As Stalin has told “the most valuable capital is people. Cadres are the key to everything“.

Anastasia Galakhova


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