Facebook, nel 2018 spot di 6 secondi a inizio video

epa03734736 (FILE) A file picture dated 10 April 2012 shows an Apple iPhone 4 running the Instagram app as held in front of a Facebook logo on a computer monitor in Hanover, Germany. According to media reports, a secret intelligence program called 'Prism' run by the US Government's National Security Agency has been collecting data from millions of communication service subscribers through access to many of the top US Internet companies, including Google, Facebook, Apple and Verizon. Reports in the Washington Post and The Guardian state US intelligence services tapped directly in to the servers of these companies and five others to extract emails, voice calls, videos, photos and other information from their customers without the need for a warrant. EPA/JULIAN STRATENSCHULTE

Facebook cambia nella pubblicità avvicinandosi a YouTube: dal prossimo anno gli spot verranno introdotti a inizio dei video e saranno di sei secondi.

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