The lottery of passports


In the last few months it is getting very difficult to obtain the passport in Italy.
People are trying to contact the deputed office of the Police but the possible appointments are not early of the next august, september, december depending on the town.

If you have an urgency you need to take part to the lottery of the passport at 8.25 in the morning and try to have a new date. Nonetheless the proceeding for getting this document is so diffucult and complex especially for people who are not got used with technology.
Indeed, you need to have a Spid USB Key which takes two weeks to be delivered provided that your electronic registration with the facial recognition has been accepted.

Then, you need to insert all your data and look for an appointment at the police office and to pay a high fee to the State, a deposit slip, to add the pictures. If you have urgency the police requires you have already paid and printed your ticket with the date of departure and the date of return or a job contract signed.
So you can easily miss your chance, and you can risk not to travel.

The same happens if you require the identity card to travel away since the civil registry books long-term appointments even if the employees are nothing to do.

After the rules concerning the illegal green pass, Italy is experimented the new rules for locking up citizens, although the Constitution states the freedom of movement and this authority’ s behaviour seems to be neglect of duty.

The Italian democracy is getting seriously a faded memory in the last years.

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