Carlo Freccero: “From Constitutional Rights to Healthcare Dictatorship. It’s happening again”

Carlo Freccero's analysis regarding the new WHO project which tells us that the danger has not been overcome. Furthermore, the inattention of public opinion and the media represents the strength of globalist power.


by Carlo Freccero
London – An international agreement of fundamental importance is about to be approved to definitively deny us any future democratic choices regarding healthcare and personal freedom.
Not only.
Since it is an international treaty, which once approved, will escape any subsequent attempt at popular abrogation by referendum.

The World Health Organization has presented a draft global pandemic agreement.
I have not had time to examine the treaty directly, but only a summary of it.
I will definitely do that later.
But having taken note of the role played by the WHO in the recent pandemic, the mere hypothesis of strengthening its functions can only be judged inappropriate and aberrant.

According to the WHO, states should renounce their culture, and the human rights to which they have already adhered at the time, in the name of rights such as: “equity, inclusiveness and coherence“, which mean nothing if not blind obedience, to interests of the great economic powers.

After having turned the concept of pandemic and health upside down, the WHO turns human rights upside down.
There is a unique element of optimism in all this.
Following the economic sanctions on Russia, many states around the world are freeing themselves from dollar globalism to seek mutual support in the new economic and monetary reality of the BRICS and its nascent currency.

For the first time, Western will is being scaled back and we can see, at the very least, an escape from the de facto Colonial State of a large number of countries that until recently were considered Third World.
Globalization has paradoxically made them stronger and freer. They may not sign the Treaty.
But for us who live in Europe there are reasons for pessimism.
Globalization is narrowing to the so-called West, Europe and the Five Eyes.
And in Europe, Italy represents the weakest link in the chain.

We are strangled by public debt and rising interest rates and the government does nothing but reconfirm its absolute loyalty to Atlanticism, to NATO, to Europe and its fetishes: War and Vaccines.

The states that join will be bound to obey laws dictated by the WHO which will transform the world into a health dictation, equal to or more stringent than the one from which only now, after three years of confinement, harassment, denial of fundamental rights we thought we would emerge .

Precisely in recent days, the terrible side effects of vaccines were timidly beginning to be revealed and, at the same time, corruption, the interests of pharmaceutical companies, the systematic cover-up of the truth by the government.

But while we begin to organize ourselves to ask for compensation and a commission of inquiry, we do not realize that this whole scenario does not belong to the past, but risks becoming our future.

Why doesn’t anyone protest?
Why isn’t the public aware of the risk we run?
Because the media agenda is always out of sync with the present and is only willing to report a scandal when the desired result has been achieved anyway and there is nothing left to do.

Paradoxically, in the deafening silence of the media on the WHO problem, someone has spoken up.

Bill Gates declared that we are on the eve of a new pandemic that will be more virulent than the previous one and all this requires us to prevent the worst by studying rigid global intervention strategies and the creation of a permanent Talk Force.
In practice, an endorsement of the WHO draft, based on a dramatic hypothesis of imminent new diseases.

Will there be a new pandemic?
You can swear by it.
Gates is the largest private financier of the WHO and decides on everyone’s health worldwide. It is no coincidence that the WHO has dedicated the current decade to vaccination trials.
For the WHO, healthcare no longer means the fight against malnutrition, the lack of minimum hygienic conditions and the simple treatment of existing pathologies.

As the WHO itself declared, at the request of its main financier, the world health agenda has become a vaccination agenda.
And to promote vaccines, new pandemics are always essential. Who knows why in the history of humanity pandemics are remembered as epochal catastrophes, which manifest themselves centuries apart from each other and today instead they do nothing but manifest themselves without interruption and without even having time to record them: Avian flu, Zika , Swine, Monkeypox, of course Covid and its variants.

The only legal remedy permitted by governments around the world: vaccines. We are destined to become pincushions, new Saint Sebastian, to host the infinite inoculations to which we are and will be subject in the future.

Trust in science is required, but what qualifications does Bill Gates have to embody science? He was a computer scientist with no qualifications in computer engineering. He proclaims himself a philanthropist interested in the common good, but it is Philanthropy that has made him one of the richest men in the world.

He dictates the agenda for World Health, but he has no degree or specialization in medicine.
I would like to clarify that if I focus on the figure of Bill Gates, it is not because he considers him the strategist of everything.
On the contrary, the plan is the result of small but collective entities such as the WEF in Davos.

But to achieve globalization and the new World Order it was chosen to exploit healthcare, as any restriction resulting from healthcare can be justified with the common good, while fascism is naturally rebellion against the old war.

In this context, also given the proven eugenic faith of him and his family, Bill Gates somehow represents the perfect testimonial of the operation. In fact, in the healthcare field Gates is considered an undisputed authority by the mainstream.

Currently, as a representative of GAVI and Bill and Melinda Gates, he decides on the health fate of the planet.
But how was all this possible?
How did we get to the dystopia we are living in?

I report here a chronology that I recovered largely from the very interesting studies carried out by the lawyer Alessandra Devetag at the time of the Lorenzin law.

It was then necessary to stop this devastating project.

But let’s see its genesis:

1. 2000.- On the initiative of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccination, was born, a private foundation under Swiss law founded on a public/private partnership. GAVI members are the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, WHO, World Bank,
UNICEF, GAVI will subsequently purchase large stakes in the major pharmaceutical companies.

2. 2002 Italy joins GAVI.

3. 2009 The WHO changes the definition of pandemic. According to the WHO, there are three conditions for us to speak of a pandemic:

  • a) Appearance of a new pathogen, for which there are no known official treatments.
  • b) Capacity of this agent to affect human beings.
  • c) Ability of this agent to spread by contagion. The severity specification is cleared. Therefore, even viruses with a very low mortality rate can be declared a pandemic. In practice, a new equivalent of a cold (the cold is not the product of a new pathogen) could be declared a pandemic and set the global prevention machine in motion.
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