Marketing it’s not advertising. Marketing it’s other

Many entrepreneurs around the world confuse marketing with advertising. In this analysis Riccardo Cacelli explain the basics of marketing


by Riccardo Cacelli
London – Many worldwide entrepreneurs confuse marketing with advertising. And they believe that marketing is advertising.

I had proof of this during numerous courses for Italian entrepreneurs organized by the Chamber of Commerce in Italy where I taught marketing.

My second question I asked them (the first was their presentation) was: “What is marketing? And almost all of them answered: “Organize advertising“.

Even here in London, many entrepreneurs answered me in the same way.

Nothing more wrong! MArketing is not Advertising!!!!

According to the American Marketing Association, marketing is: “The process of planning and carrying out the design, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services aimed at creating markets and satisfying the objectives of individuals and organizations.”

In his book “Marketing Management” Philip Kotler, father of modern marketing, defines it thus: “Marketing consists in identifying and satisfying human and social needs”.

So marketing is not advertising.
Marketing is: an aggregation of 4 areas of a company: Price, Placement, Product, Promotion.
That is the famous marketing mix known as the 4Ps.
A fifth has recently been added: People.

Product. In this sector marketing, thanks to market research, comes to understand the needs and requests of customers in order to be able to model the product or service that the company offers on the basis of these.

. Understanding the ideal price to get the maximum profit from the sale of the product is an integral part of marketing activities. That is, he understands the maximum value that the seller manages to collect from the sale of the single product unit.

Place. Marketing also means choosing the location, dispaly inside the shop, gastrophysical and which distribution channel is best for the company,

Promotion. These are all the promotional activities carried out by the company to reach the potential customer. Among these, the most famous is advertising, but there are also various types here: digital, social media, SEO strategies, public relations, communication, and events.

The fifth:…. People: Companies and brands don’t run themselves.
People are an essential component of how your business works, from internal employees to customers to partners.
People refer to staff, salespeople, and those who work for the company. Decisions about people are usually centered around customer service.

This is marketing!!

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Riccardo Cacelli

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