Vertical Aerospace; ‘We thought we’d be flying in a few years’

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by Riccardo Cacelli
London – Stephen Fitzpatrick, the founder of the British eVTOL startup Vertical Aerospace, had been invited to speak at the event on “Revolutionising Urban Air Mobility and electrifying air travel,” and answered questions from the event’s moderator.

The founder has admitted that he thought the company would be flying sooner.

Stephen Fitzpatrick, who was speaking at RevolutionAero in Dublin on April 25, 2023, told the audience of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) experts that certification was something he was unaware of when he launched the startup in 2017.

“When we started Vertical Aerospace, we didn’t know about certification, we thought we will be flying in a few years,” he explained at the two-day event.

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