G20 and Belt and Road on the agenda for the future of Italy and Italians

An increasingly interesting international scenario


London – by Riccardo Cacelli
In a few days (9 and 10 September) the G20 leaders’ summit will be held in New Delhi.

In a recent interview with Moneycontrol, Indian President Modi said: “Every country agrees with another country on some issues and disagrees on others. Once you accept this reality, you work out a way forward based on your national interests. India is also doing the same. We have close relationships with many different countries, some of which are on different sides on certain issues, there is a need for credible multilateralism fueled by institutions that embrace reforms and treat various stakeholders with coherence, equality and dignity.

We will see and analyze the outcomes of the summit.
Meanwhile in China, despite the skepticism of the Italian government, he believes that cooperation with Italy on the Belt and Road is “fruitful, with high-quality Italian products entering thousands of families in China. The thousand-year friendship inherited from the ancient Silk Road has endured.” Wang said while visiting Italian Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani in a meeting last Monday.

International geopolitics, the new multipolar world order whose growth is unstoppable require Western governments and companies to reflect and give answers (Belt and Road in primis) to these reflections.
In the national interest.
And not in the interests of any allied government.

Riccardo Cacelli

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