Candlelight Concerts bring classical music to every taste, boosting visibility for local musicians and celebrating unique venues worldwide

London – Fever’s live, multi-sensory musical experience has enchanted millions in over 150 cities, transforming classical music performances with its innovative Candlelight Concerts. As a leading live-entertainment discovery platform, Fever aims to democratize access to classical music through these original concerts, which feature local musicians performing in iconic venues illuminated by thousands of candles.

Democratizing Access to Classical Music and Reaching New Audiences
Historically seen as elitist and inaccessible, classical music has often seemed out of reach for many. Since its launch in Madrid in 2019, Candlelight Concerts have sought to change this perception. Initially focusing on classical giants like Vivaldi, Chopin, and Beethoven, the series has since expanded to include a diverse array of themes and genres. Today, audiences can enjoy tributes to contemporary artists such as Queen, ABBA, Coldplay, and Ed Sheeran, alongside concerts dedicated to anime, movie soundtracks, and more. The multi-sensory experience has further evolved to incorporate elements like ballet dancers and aerial performers, as well as genres such as jazz, soul, opera, and flamenco.

Celebrating Unique Venues Worldwide

Candlelight Concerts bring the masterpieces of classical music to unique locations, often part of each city’s cultural heritage. These concerts have been performed in a variety of idyllic venues, ranging from modern rooftops with breathtaking views to historic cathedrals, palaces, libraries, and gardens. Notable venues include the Atomium in Brussels, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah in Dubai, Victoria Hall in Geneva, Central Hall Westminster in London, Palau de la Musica Catalana in Barcelona, Niagara Falls in Ontario, and the S.E.A. Aquarium in Singapore, among many others across America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.

Creating Opportunities for Talented Local Musicians
Candlelight Concerts collaborate with talented local musicians who share the belief that classical music can appeal to a diverse audience. This Fever Original experience provides a platform for musicians to connect with global audiences, creating new opportunities for them to pursue their passion. Unlike traditional classical performances, where the audience is often passive, Candlelight Concerts encourage interaction. Musicians engage directly with the audience, sharing insights about the pieces and the programming, fostering a deeper connection with the music.

About Fever

Fever is the leading global live-entertainment discovery platform, having helped millions of people enjoy the best experiences in their cities since 2014. Fever’s mission is to democratize access to culture and entertainment in real life through its platform, inspiring users to enjoy unique local experiences and events. From immersive exhibitions and interactive theatrical experiences to festivals and molecular cocktail pop-ups, Fever empowers creators with data and technology to create and expand experiences worldwide.

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