Review: Ballet Nights – New Voices at Ministry of Sound

London – Ballet Nights – New Voices at the Ministry of Sound offered a spectacular fusion of dance and nightlife on May 31st. Directed by Jamiel Devernay-Laurence, the event featured over ten contemporary pieces performed by top-tier dancers.

New Voices highlights the brightest new talents and pioneers in dance, offering a memorable display of modern innovation and promise. Leading you through this engaging experience is our respected Ballet Nights MC, who will continue the tradition of enthralling storytelling as you navigate through two of Ministry of Sound’s iconic spaces. Uncover the powerful stories of these emerging artists as their creative visions come alive on stage.

The evening opened with gravity-defying performances.



Joshua Junker of The Royal Ballet Company
One Choreographers experience facing the challenges of creating while in Lockdown at his home address – 324a

“Nerve Wire”
Feel the fear and anxiety in the recently remastered work from the internationally acclaimed duo.


Music by Ben Frost
An imagined affair plays out with two lovers deeply intertwined. Jealousy of the voyeuristic gaze fuels their intense dependency.

“Spirit Of The Machine”
excerpt from Read-Only Memory
Danced By Liam Woodvine & Alex Fadayiro

“Read-Only Memory” explores how a dystopian society could use Memory as a form of punishment – forcing those of us who do not conform into reliving our most painful memories.”

Nicholas Shoesmith
Danced By Felicity Chadwick
The Restless State Of Mind When You’re Trying To Switch off. Your Thoughts Motoring On In Your Sleepless Head.

Danced By Hannah Ekholm & Faye Stoeser
Splice is an exploration of connection and architecture between two bodies as they configure themselves between restriction and possibility, solving a physical puzzle, with a new score composed by world-renowned electronic musician Floating Points.

Live Music by Guy Salim
One Musician. One Dancer. One Purpose

“Your Ghost”
Watson & Woodvine
A haunting story in which a young woman confronts the ghost of a past relationship, her movements a canvas for audiences to project their own life journeys onto.

“Gathering Rhythms”

Manon Servage, Sophie Quay, Zach Parkin & Ivan Merino Gaspar
From the embrace of one true essence, to the convergence of many striving towards unity

Show Opener
Seirian Griffiths
A Gravity Defying Mover unleashes, to get proceedings underway.

Jamiel Devernay-Laurence
Ballet Nights Founder & Artistic Director

Set in the iconic Ministry of Sound, the venue’s atmosphere enhanced the performances, creating an unforgettable night. The after-party with DJ Danny Avila kept the energy high, blending dance with the club’s vibrant nightlife.

Ballet Nights – New Voices is a testament to the transformative power of dance, offering fresh perspectives and fostering a new appreciation for this timeless art form. For more information and tickets, visit Ballet Nights New Voices.

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