A savory dining experience at Chinese Cricket Club restaurant in Blackfriers

London – Nestled within the Hyatt Hotel near Blackfriars tube station, the Chinese Cricket Club restaurant offers an exceptional dining experience. Established in 2009 to honor the Chinese National Cricket team, the restaurant features a minimalist yet elegant interior with a subtle nod to cricket through its decor. Despite its name, cricket memorabilia is understated, allowing the ambiance to remain sophisticated. Helmed by Chef Tony Truong who has designed a menu that takes guests on a journey across a variety of regional dishes, the Chinese Cricket Club is fast becoming one of the favourite chinese dining experience in London. Chinese Cricket Club fuses traditional techniques and the finest ingredients to present a contemporary take on Chinese classics.

The restaurant boasts a rich and diverse menu of homemade dim sum and signature specialties such as Smoked Peking Duck, Royal Har Gow and Golden Fish Gow. Desserts include Matcha Tiramisu, Rose-Raspberry Delight and the restaurant’s signature Mandarin Fortune. A semi-private dining area is available.

The staff at Chinese Cricket Club is attentive, friendly and accommodating, creating a welcoming atmosphere for all guests. The restaurant primarily serves the bustling City crowd, as this side of the river tends to be quieter during weekdays. However, this doesn’t deter diners from across London, who visit specifically to experience the culinary delights offered here.

Our culinary adventure began with two delightful appetizers. We started with fried prawns, perfectly cooked and presented with a flavorful mix of chili, garlic, and nuts. Alongside this, the tender fried tofu provided a delightful contrast in textures and a delicate, savory flavor.

For our main courses, we shared a half roasted duck and fried seabass, along with seafood noodles. The half duck was roasted to perfection, boasting a crispy skin and tender, juicy meat. The fried seabass was equally delightful, with a crispy exterior and tender, flaky fish within. The seafood noodles featured a generous assortment of fresh, perfectly cooked seafood in a savory and aromatic sauce, adding a satisfying depth to our meal.

Every dish showcased the culinary expertise of the kitchen staff, with meticulous presentation and robust, well-balanced flavors that offered a modern twist on traditional Sichuan cuisine. The attention to detail and commitment to high-quality ingredients were evident in every bite.

In addition to the exquisite food, the restaurant’s ambiance added to the overall positive experience. The minimalist yet elegant decor created a serene and sophisticated setting, perfect for enjoying a leisurely meal. The friendly and accommodating staff further enhanced our dining experience, making us feel valued and well taken care of throughout our visit.

To complement our meal, we selected a glass of Chardonnay, which paired beautifully with the diverse flavors of the dishes. The wine’s crispness and acidity offered a refreshing counterpoint to the bold, spicy Sichuan cuisine.

For dessert, we indulged in a strawberry and cream ice cream. The smooth, creamy texture and fresh strawberry flavor provided a delightful, refreshing conclusion to our dining experience. Desserts include also Matcha Tiramisu, Rose-Raspberry Delight and the restaurant’s signature Mandarin Fortune.

The menu comes in different options, from the Business Set Lunch ‎£ 14.99A La Carte Jade Vegetarian Set‎£ 35 Ruby Set‎ £ 43, Royal Set‎ £58, Imperial Set ‎£ 78.

Our dinner for two would have costed a total of £170 which we felt was more the high end price of a typical Chinese restaurant but reasonable considering the quality of the food, the optimal presentation of it and the elegance of the setting.

In conclusion, the Chinese Cricket Club excels in all aspects. Fans of Sichuan cuisine will appreciate Chef Tony Truong’s refined and authentic interpretations of regional dishes. This restaurant offers a sophisticated dining experience, maintaining the essence of traditional Chinese flavors while providing an elegant ambiance and attentive service.

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