Mageeco Football Academy, the football youth nigerian players’s futures is here (VIDEO AND INTERVIEW)

The history of the Mageeco Football Academy told directly by the coach

Londra – Mageeco Football Academy is located in Lagos (large city in Nigeria) and there are some youth players that could have a great future in professional football clubs. Last month this academy make a partnership with Cacelli and Partners” (Uk company) to help youth players will play in worldwide football clubs.

The players are very professional and during the last few games the players played very well, show ing great skills. We interviewed the trainer Prince Ayobamidele who spoke to us about the football situation in Nigeria.

Mr. Prince Ayobamidele
Question: How has football evolved in Nigeria
Answer: “Football has moved through different phases here in Nigeria. We have a lots of Nigerian players doing their stuff in big leagues across Europe. Some of them gets 1st starting shirts in their clubs and this is a testimonial to their hard work and aspiration while they were in Nigeria before moving abroad to Europe. So this tend to continue to create a very high level of motivation for the upcoming young players who sees these stars as their heroes that they can connect with. But again support has been very low from stakeholders and this essentially the bane of the growth of football in Nigeria especially at the grassroots level”.
Q.: What are the characteristics of Nigerian players?
A.: “They are very ambiguous, bold , daring and would go the extra miles to proof a point”.
Q.: Personal valuation of next World Cup in 2018?
A.: “Its a pretty tough one for the teams participating in the tournament and i see Nigeria going beyond the 1st round but ultimately i would predict a Brazil Cup”.
Q.: In which year the company was founded?
A.: “Our company was founded in 1994”.
Q.: Who is the most important Nigerian player in the story?
A.: “If you mean the most important Nigeria Play till date, I would choose late Rashed Yekini who scored Nigeria 1st world cup goal”.
Q.: how long have you been training the team?
A.: “We have been training the team since inception and but we got more structured in 2010”.
Q.: how the team’s training week in organized?

A.: “We have training on Tuesday, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and thereafter we have training matches on Sundays for all the categories”.

I’m very happy and grateful for this interview, you are welcome .
We thank Prince Ayobamidele for the interview.
Stefano Scibilia
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