Kutir: indulging in the finest and London best’s fusion of original and traditional Indian cuisine

London – Voted one of the best Indian restaurants in London and nestled in a townhouse in Chelsea, Kutir immediately exudes an air of class and sophistication as you walk in. The intimate setting and refined interiors immediately welcome guests into a dining experience unlike any other. Kutir’s unique approach to fine dining begins at the entrance, where guests ring a doorbell to be greeted by friendly staff and guided through a series of small, cozy rooms, creating a stark contrast to the larger, open-plan restaurants commonly found in London.

The décor at Kutir is thoughtfully designed to ensure a sense of space and light. One room, in particular, benefits
from a conservatory-style glass ceiling, allowing natural light to flood in, while the vibrant and colorful wallpaper combined with intricate patterns makes diners feel right at home. The intimate setting never feels cramped, instead offering a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Kutir, meaning ‘a small cottage in the middle of nowhere,’ is an apt name chosen by co-owners Rohit Ghai and Abhishake Sangwan for their first solo venture. Both have impressive backgrounds, having worked at Michelin-starred Indian restaurants within the JKS Restaurants group. Kutir marks a new chapter in their culinary journey, bringing their expertise and passion for Indian cuisine to the heart of Chelsea.

The restaurant offers a pre-set menu for £75 with three options: meat-based, vegetarian, and fish-based. We opted for the fish dinner, a delightful selection of salmon, crab and lobster, all simmered in delicious Indian spices. This meal exemplified the restaurant’s ability to blend traditional Indian flavors with luxurious ingredients. The wine list was generous and refined.

Kutir’s menus – à la carte, tasting, set lunch, and early bird – span the entirety of India, drawing inspiration from chef Rohit’s time cooking in luxury hunting lodge hotels in the country. What sets Kutir apart is Rohit’s talent for transforming simple, traditional dishes into refined and luxurious experiences. For example, the khichadi, typically
a simple rice and lentil dish, is elevated with truffle and wild mushrooms, while steamed dhokla cakes are revitalized with expertly balanced spices.

During the autumn and winter months, Kutir also focuses on game, offering a tasting menu dedicated to the wild meats of the UK. The menu changes regularly with the seasons, ensuring there is always something new to enjoy on return visits.

Kutir’s drink offerings are just as impressive as its food. The extensive wine list includes rare and unusual bottles, some from India, and the cocktails are complex and intriguing, featuring Kutir’s own vermouth. There are also numerous non-alcoholic options that go beyond the typical offerings, ensuring all guests have something to enjoy.

In a city full of high-end Indian restaurants, Kutir stands out as a beacon of innovation and excellence. Rohit’s culinary artistry shines through as he incorporates flavors and techniques from all over India, not just the rich, luxurious food of the north. While classics like lamb rogan josh and chicken tikka masala are available, the true culinary adventure lies in exploring the less familiar dishes reinvented with Kutir’s unique touch.

Kutir is a must-visit for anyone seeking an extraordinary dining experience that combines the best of traditional Indian cuisine with modern sophistication and original touch.

To book visit: https://kutir.co.uk/

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