UK General Election: Interview with Giuseppe Pezzulli (“Bepi”), Reform UK Parliamentary Candidate for Finchley & Golders Green (London)

Topics: Immigration, NHS, Spending and Economic Policies, Transport and Infrastructure Investment, Reform UK Party Contract


London (19 June 2024) – We asked a few questions to the Reform UK Parliamentary Candidate for Finchley & Golders Green, Bepi Pezzulli, in anticipation of the election day on July 4.


An Italian-born British citizen, Bepi Pezzulli graduated in Law from LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome in 1993. He later moved to New York, earning a Master of Laws from New York University School of Law in 1998, followed by a J.D. from Columbia University School of Law in 2003, where he was named a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar.

He is a Solicitor of Senior Courts of England and Wales, specializing in international finance law. He also qualified as an Attorney-at-Law in New York and an Advocate in Italy. He comes into politics from a career in the City, with positions at Sullivan & Cromwell, Shearman & Sterling (now A&O Shearman), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and BlackRock. He contributes to policy research published in various international media outlets and serves as a Middle East analyst for Longitude Magazine. He is an active member of Beth Hillel, a Reform synagogue in Rome, and a member-at-large of B’nai B’rith in Washington, DC.


Q: Mr. Pezzulli, Reform UK has presented its contract with the voters, with immigration being a primary focus for the first 100 days of government activity. How strategic is this issue for the United Kingdom?

A: Immigration is like the tide – it brings in fresh resources but can also overwhelm if not managed properly. It’s strategic for the UK because it impacts every corner of our society: the economy, public services, social cohesion, and even our national identity. In the first 100 days, we’ll focus on creating an immigration system that is fair, efficient, and beneficial for everyone. We’ll ensure our borders are secure to prevent illegal immigration while making it easier for skilled workers to contribute to our economy. It’s about balance – welcoming those who bring value while maintaining control to ensure sustainability. This one-out-one-in approach will help build a stronger, more resilient UK.

Q: Another topic is wasteful spending. The contract states that funding for frontline public services will be increased and taxes for workers will be reduced. As an economist, could you explain what you would do?

A: Imagine our budget as a well-tended garden: we need to prune the weeds to let the flowers flourish. By cutting wasteful spending – the unnecessary layers of bureaucracy and inefficient programs – we can redirect funds to where they make the most impact. Increasing funding for frontline public services like healthcare, education, and emergency services ensures that vital services improve. Simultaneously, reducing taxes for workers means more disposable income, which stimulates the economy through increased consumer spending. This creates a virtuous cycle of growth and investment, leading to a more robust economy. As a businessman, I am confident that a leaner, smarter government can deliver better outcomes for everyone.

Q: NHS reform is promised within the first 100 days. What changes can patients and workers expect?

A: The NHS is the jewel in our crown, yet it’s burdened with systemic inefficiencies. Our promise to reform it in the first 100 days means addressing both patient and worker needs head-on. For patients, expect reduced wait times, better access to specialists, and more personalized care. We’ll achieve this by leveraging technology, streamlining administrative processes, and reallocating resources directly to patient care. For NHS workers, we’ll reduce administrative burdens, improve working conditions, and ensure fair compensation. This isn’t just a patch-up job; it’s a comprehensive overhaul to make the NHS a modern, efficient healthcare system that the British people deserve.”

Q: For transport and infrastructure, the contract provides £5 billion per year for five years. How will this be used?

A: This is at the core of our Contract with the British people. First, we’ll scrap HS2, saving £25 billion. Second, we’ll stop the war on drivers by banning ULEZ Clean Air Zones and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and scrapping Net Zero mandates on car manufacturers. We’ll keep safety-critical speed limits but scrap unnecessary 20 MPH zones. Third, we’ll accelerate transport infrastructure improvements, focusing on coastal regions, Wales, the North, and the Midlands, and integrating rail and road services. We’ll also implement tighter regulation and a new ownership model for critical national infrastructure, bringing 50% into public ownership and 50% under UK pension funds. Lastly, we’ll merge the National Infrastructure Commission and the Infrastructure Bank to simplify funding and cut waste.

Q: Can you give an invitation to vote for you addressed to Finchley and Golders Green Constituency voters?

A: As a candidate for Reform UK, I am committed to addressing the key issues that matter most to our community.

First, rejecting the harms of woke culture: We must stand firm against woke culture, which undermines our values and traditions. Protecting our cultural heritage and fostering free speech are paramount.

Second, addressing uncontrolled immigration: A robust and fair immigration system is essential. We will secure our borders and ensure immigration benefits our economy and communities.

Third, economic growth over taxation: We need to grow our way out of the crisis by encouraging innovation, investment, and entrepreneurship. Lowering taxes will stimulate economic activity and create jobs.

Fourth, support for Israel and security against extremism: I pledge unwavering support for Israel and policies to ensure our streets are safe from extremism. Our foreign policy must reflect our commitment to fighting terrorism and supporting democratic nations.

Above all, it is always going to be Country before Party.

Bepi Pezzulli can be reached at

Finchley and Golders Green Constituency Information

Electorate: 75761
1 Childs Hill
2 Cricklewood
3 East Finchley
4 Finchley Church End
5 Garden Suburb
6 Golders Green
7 West Finchley
8 Woodhouse



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