Dedollarization: is the war in Ukraine being fought for this?

The world is moving towards a new world order

An E-CNY payment sign is put up on a desk in a store in the Luohu District in Shenzhen city, south China's Guangdong province, 11 October 2020. The Shenzhen municipal government announced a giveaway of ten million renminbi ($1.5 million) in central bank digital currency (CBDC). Fifty thousand people would receive the gifted money on a lottery basis in amounts of 200 yuan as part of the digital yuan tests and the trial was in the Luohu District. In accordance with the trial, about 3389 shops including restaurants and retail stores had updated and equiped system allowing eCNY payment in the Luohu District. As of 8p.m. on 11th October 2020, over 1.91million people participated in the lottery winning.No Use China. No Use France.

London – In recent days, China has joined India in refusing to sign the declaration of foreign and financial ministers, meeting at the G20 in India, which asked Moscow to cease hostilities in Ukraine. The two countries were the only G20 members not to approve the declaration calling for the “complete and unconditional withdrawal of Russia from the territory of Ukraine”.
In my opinion, the war in Ukraine was born not in 2014 but much earlier.
In 1988 when the idea of building a “Common European House” promoted at the end of the 80s by Gorbachev had, as we know, the negative response of the West. With the result of relegating the then Soviet Union to the Great Depression of the 1990s and creating the conditions for giving rise to a desire for revenge against Western countries.

So Russia has looked further.
Today it’s, with the countries born from the Soviet Union dissolution, in the economic area of Eurasia. Furthermore, many of them are part of the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) founded on 14 June 2001 by the heads of state of six countries: China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.
In later years India joined Pakistan. Observer countries have become Afghanistan, Belarus and Mongolia. While partner countries at the moment are: Azerbaijan, Turkey and Turkmenistan.

As if that were not enough, Russia was, in 2009, the first country of the so-called Brics (Brazil. Russia, India, China, South Africa). What is the purpose of the BRICS countries? Simple: build a global trading system through bilateral agreements that are not based solely on the petrodollar.

These countries are being joined shortly by Argentina and Iran. The following are expected to join immediately afterwards: Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria, Senegal, United Arab Emirates, Thailand and Algeria.

The Egyptian Parliament recently ratified a government decree that will allow the country to join the BRICS New Development Bank (NBD).

To all this is being added the new Chinese cryptocurrency (e-cny) which will be considered the dollar alternative for exchanges monetary.

At this point the war in Ukraine is no longer a war between Russia and NATO.

But a war between the Eurasian countries (including the SCO and BRICS members) and those of the Atlantic bloc.
The war for Donbass is for the control of future financial exchanges.
War is just one phase of global dedollarization and the beginning of a new world financial order.
Ukraine, the USA and part of the European Union are fighting, using NATO, to defend the dollar.

This was confirmed indirectly by Putin last February 21st.

Here are his words” “We will continue to work with our partners to build a stable and secure international payment system, independent of the dollar and other Western reserve currencies, which, with such a policy of Western elites and Western rulers, will lose inevitably their universal character. They do everything themselves, with their own hands.
We don’t reduce payments in dollars or other so-called universal currencies: they do it all, with their own hands.

The war and related crises and international disputes would not have happened if in 1988 Europe and the USA opened their doors to Gorbachev.
But with ifs you don’t build history.
With these errors we live the present to build the future.

Riccardo Cacelli

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