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AFRICA & CHINA (part 3 of 5): the France role.

by Riccardo Cacelli London - We have seen how the work of China in Africa is controversial and in fact is criticized by various observers as a new form of colonial policy and...

Jet russo abbatte drone statunitense sul Mar Nero: Dal Cremlino tutto tace

Il presidente degli Stati Uniti Joe Biden è stato informato dell'incidente dal consigliere per la sicurezza nazionale Jake Sullivan

Qin: “If the United States does not hold the brakes and continue on the wrong path, there will certainly be conflicts and clashes”

London - Today the new Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang during his first briefing with the media on the sidelines of annual parliamentary work said that if the United States does not...

Dedollarization: is the war in Ukraine being fought for this?

London - In recent days, China has joined India in refusing to sign the declaration of foreign and financial ministers, meeting at the G20 in India, which asked Moscow to cease hostilities...

Europa 1939 – Europa 2022, “Stop Russian fascim” – VIDEO GUERRA Russia Ucraina


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