Russia & Africa, Putin: “Joining forces for peace, progress and a winning future”

And the western stars look on


by Riccardo Cacelli

London – Yesterday on the occasion of the next Russia-Africa summit (July 27/28 in St. Petersburg) an article by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir #Putin entitled “Russia and Africa: joining forces for peace, progress and a winning future“, illustrated very well the role of Russia in Africa. Here are the key points:
💬 The partnerships between our country and Africa have solid and deep roots and have always stood out for their stability, credibility and the good intentions that characterize them.
• We have always supported the African peoples in their struggle for liberation from the colonial yoke, we have assisted them in the process of creating a state system, in strengthening their sovereignty and their defensive capacity.

• We sincerely cherish the legacy of honestly nurtured friendship and cooperation, as well as the tradition of trust and mutual support that has arisen between Russia and African countries.
We are united by a common commitment to the creation of a system of relations based on the primacy of international law, consideration of national interests, the indivisibility of security and recognition of the central coordinating role of the United Nations.

• Russia looks with satisfaction at the growing authority acquired on the international scene both by individual countries and by Africa as a whole
📈 The volume of trade between Russia and the countries of the African continent in the year 2022 grew and almost reached 18 billion US dollars. And yet, we are all well aware that the potential of our economic-trade partnership is far greater.

🇷🇺🌍 #Russia will continue to work hard to organize supplies of wheat, food, fertilizers and beyond for Africa. We care deeply about and will continue to dynamically promote the vast network of economic ties with #Africa.

• It is in our common interest to take cooperation in the humanitarian field to a new, higher level, as well as in the fields of culture, sport and the media.
🤝 We attach great importance to the second #RussiaAfrica Summit which will take place soon. At this meeting, the adoption of an integrated declaration, as well as a whole series of joint declarations, and the approval of the action plan of the Russia-Africa Partnership Forum for the period up to 2026 are foreseen.

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I consider Putin’s words very clear on geopolitical developments not only for African countries but for the entire planet.
The Western world has done nothing in the past and is doing nothing for Africa today.
It is useless for European and Atlantic politicians to marvel at what is happening.
It is only the result of colonialism and the policy of taking and not giving.

Riccardo Cacelli

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