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Analysis of BRICS countries’ 2023 summit

by Riccardo Cacelli City of London - The annual summit of the BRICS countries ended yesterday in South Africa. We analyze the decisions taken, the strategic directions and the geopolitical future in relation...

Brics to admit six new countries

by Riccardo Cacelli London - At the summit BRICS2023 the five Brics nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have announced the admission of six new countries from next year as the...

Africa, to know the international organization Ecowas/Cedeao

by Riccardo Cacelli London - In recent days, on the occasion of the coup in Niger, the world is talking about Ecowas/Cedeao. For many this is an unknown acronym. This is why today...

Winds of war in sub-Saharan Africa, Niger closes airspace after deadline to reinstate president

London - Niger's military authorities have sent additional troops to border areas with Nigeria and Benin. The reinforcements were sent following a decision by the National Council for the Protection of the Fatherland. Yesterday...

Russia & Africa, Putin: “Joining forces for peace, progress and a winning future”

by Riccardo Cacelli London - Yesterday on the occasion of the next Russia-Africa summit (July 27/28 in St. Petersburg) an article by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir #Putin entitled "Russia and Africa:...
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