Review of Piccolino: A Delightful New Dining Experience

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London – Piccolino Restaurant in Heddon Street, part of the esteemed Individual Restaurants group, has recently introduced an exciting new menu that redefines family dining. Known for its warm and welcoming hospitality, Piccolino ensures that every member of the family, especially the little ones, feels valued and catered to.

Individual Restaurants is rolling out a novel dining concept that allows kids to eat like grown-ups. With the option to order half-sized portions of many adult dishes at half the price, young diners can enjoy sophisticated meals without compromising on taste or quality. This initiative is available across all Piccolino, Riva Blu, and Piccolo by Piccolino locations nationwide.

The new menu is designed to be inclusive and engaging, offering a variety of Italian-inspired dishes that cater to the tastes of all family members. From creamy Tagliatelle al Salmone and pan-fried Branzino to a delectable 4oz steak and chips with garlic butter, the menu promises a culinary delight for every palate.

Beyond the innovative dining options for kids, the restaurant continues to impress with its vibrant and lively ambiance. The atmosphere is enriched with a combination of traditional Italian decor and modern touches, making it a perfect setting for family gatherings and special occasions.

The service at Piccolino is top-notch, with friendly and knowledgeable staff who are always ready to recommend dishes and ensure a pleasant dining experience. The restaurant’s commitment to quality is evident in the freshness of the ingredients and the meticulous preparation of each dish.

In addition to the enticing main menu, Piccolino offers a selection of fun-filled mocktails that add a playful touch to the dining experience. These delightful beverages are sure to be a hit with young diners, making them feel part of the celebration.

Andrew Garton, CEO of Individual Restaurants, emphasizes the importance of family and food, stating, “We’re all about warm and welcoming hospitality at our restaurants, and that means catering for the little ones as well. Creating a sophisticated kid’s menu that goes beyond the usual dishes you see on every menu is part of that commitment to ensuring the whole family feels welcome the moment they step through the door.”

Piccolino also offers additional perks for Club IR members, including 15% off dining on Mondays and Tuesdays and a complimentary sharing dessert with the Sunday Roast. These offers provide great value and encourage families to dine out together more often.

For more information about Piccolino and the new menu offerings, visit [Individual Restaurants](

In summary, Piccolino has successfully launched a menu that enhances the family dining experience, combining exceptional food with a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re a regular patron or visiting for the first time, Piccolino promises a memorable and enjoyable dining adventure for the entire family.

We also had the pleasure of interview the Sales manager of Piccolino Restaurant and ask a few questions:

Can you share any unique features of the menu that set Piccolino apart from other Italian restaurants?

From the at table presentation and rich flavour of our Spaghetti carbonara made in a pecorino cheese wheel to using a contemporary approach to traditional Neapolitan pizza making by using a Biga dough which gives use a light and flavourful pizza. By integrating these traditional techniques and flavors into its dishes, Piccolino not only honors Italy’s rich culinary heritage but also provides a dining experience that is both authentic and contemporary.

How does Piccolino incorporate traditional Italian culinary techniques and flavours into its dishes?

By sourcing authentic ingredients, olive oils, cheeses, pasta, cured meats, Traditional cooking methods, wood fired pizza ovens, salt baking of fish, cheese wheel preparation. Emphasising regional specialities – Fassona beef from Piedmont, Burrata from Puglia, attention to detail in preparation, all our pizza are hand stretched the traditional way.

How does Piccolino accommodate dietary restrictions or preferences for its guests?

We pride ourselves in having a varied food offer for all our guest, we have a QR code on all our menus, to help guide our guest make their choice, our knowledge able staff on hand if they have any questions

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