Qin: “If the United States does not hold the brakes and continue on the wrong path, there will certainly be conflicts and clashes”

The new China Foreign Minister and the new global order

London – Today the new Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang during his first briefing with the media on the sidelines of annual parliamentary work said that if the United States does not “hold the brakes and continue on the wrong path, there will certainly be conflicts and clashes. Who will bear the brunt catastrophic consequences?“.
He added: “Containment and repression won’t make America great and won’t stop China’s renewal.”

On the war in Ukraine Qin said: “It has not supplied weapons to either side of the Ukrainian conflict. China is not the architect of the crisis, nor a directly affected party. Why then threaten sanctions on China? It is absolutely not acceptable. An invisible hand that seems to support a protracted crisis. It is a tragedy that could have been avoided: China chooses peace over war, dialogue over sanctions and de-escalation over escalation”.

Qin also spoke of the relationship between China and Russia.
Qin said: “Is based on the principles of non-alliance, non-confrontation and non-targeting of third parties, if China and Russia work together, the world will have a driving force towards multipolarity and greater democracy in international relations, while global strategic balance and stability will be better guaranteed. A relationship that threatens no country is not subject to any interference or discord sown by third parties.”

Yesterday in my analysis I wrote about a new world order based on dedollarization.
The words spoken today by Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang confirm my analysis about Brics and Sco (Shangai Corporation Organization).

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